Hey Mary – Pride Party

We couldn’t resist throwing an extra special Cardiff Pride party! Cardiff’s only DIY inclusive queer drag night has gone from strength to strength and it’s all thanks to your kind and fabulous support, so come dance with us at Buffalo to celebrate Pride after the main events.

Hosted by the infamous, silver-tongued Lucy Fur and quick witted gag hag Lilith, while our resident award-winning queen Polly Amorous (Jolene’s Drag Race winner 2016) dresses to impress and aims to *please* with lip syncs, performances, heartfelt ballads, death drops and whatever else she deems gagworthy. Not for the faint hearted.

Extra special guests:

Gwenn de Loon: 

Filthy doyenne of mystic revelry and all round cosmic queen, co-founder of Queens of the Underworld, one of London’s most esoteric performance nights.

Mollie Poppin + Gentleman Jack Drag: 

Cardiff’s premier drag king ‘n’ queen combo. Utter filth and Jack’s a total prick.

Pom Pom: 

Mr Blobby’s stylish second cousin twice removed from the big city. She came here with nothing but a felt suitcase, clown white and a dream.

Fae West: 

Flower crowned queen of the Fae,
Changes her paint to fit the season,
Dare to think she does not slay,
And she shall call it treason



J. Aria (Dalston Superstore, The Glory):

Rug chested auditory sorcerer and founder of AfterTouch, more visceral club music and experimental East London drag than you can shake a fiery hot poker at.

Sissy Boy Tears (Hey Mary):

Resident fag DJ duo, on hand to keep you moving till the witching hour with their delectable mix of bathhouse disco, scuzzy electro, camp pop classics and anything unapologetically faggy.

Drunken Miss Orderly (Zia Torta):

Fiercely straddling hyper-dimensions since 1984, empress of all things acid, stoner and downright strange. Also makes our super lovely posters!

Hey Mary is Cardiff’s only inclusive LGBTQ party and we encourage you to come and be your best self, turn the night out and celebrate your weirdness and beauty!!


Doors 10:00
Party till forever
£5 OTD / £7 after midnight


Starts On

Sat 26 August, 2017 - 10:00 PM

Ends On

4:00 AM

Event Categories

Club Night, Live Music